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Gunbot is the most advanced crypto trading bot on the market.
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This is how Gunbot works

Gunbot is a locally installed software to automatically trade on the most popular exchanges for cryptocurrencies. It runs on Windows, macOS, Linux and even on a Raspberry Pi.

You select the coins to automatically trade. Gunbot will monitor the market and trade on your behalf. Day and night, catching every opportunity.

Choose from many tested trading strategy presets, or create and backtest your individual strategy. You decide, Gunbot executes.

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community driven trading strategies

Gunbot is a community effort. Every single strategy and setting is drawn, discussed and tested by over 6000 active traders.

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create your own custom strategies

The TradingView add-on allows for fully custom strategies. Gunbot executes the alerts you set in your own strategy.

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professional development team

A group of professional, full time developers is constantly listening to community reports to create the perfect money machine.

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trading made easy for everyone

Beginning trader? No problem! Gunbot is built for newcomers as well as power users. We'll help you get started.

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Use advanced trading strategies

Gunbot comes with many different trading strategies. Our strategies consists of a few fully configurable elements:

  • A buy method
    e.g. buy when price is 2% below moving average
  • A sell method 
    e.g. sell for at least 5% profit and an uptrend ends
  • Optional: confirming indicators
    e.g. only buy when RSI is 30 or lower
  • Optional: trailing
    e.g. set a trailing stop to get an even better buy price
  • Optional: bag handling
    e.g. average down an asset after a price drop

The built-in Emotionless strategy is fully pre-tuned and requires zero work: just set your trading limit and go!

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Get started in three minutes

Setting up Gunbot is really easy and just takes a few minutes. Anyone can do it.

  • 1
    Unzip and start Gunbot
    Access the bot easily from your browser. You don't need any programming experience to use Gunbot.
  • 2
    Connect to your exchange
    Enter your API key and secret in Gunbot. Creating an API key takes just a few clicks at your exchange.
  • 3
    Select trading pairs
    Select one or more coins to trade (like BTC-LTC), pick a strategy preset and you're ready to go!

Industry standard trading indicators

You can use a growing set of indicators to build your own strategy in Gunbot. Freely configure these and define the market conditions in which you are willing to invest.

  • EMA
  • SMA
  • RSI
  • Stochastic
  • MFI
  • Ichimoku cloud
  • ATR
  • ADX
  • Bollinger Bands
Indicators used for trading with Gunbot
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Bag handling methods that work

When trading, it is inevitable that sometime prices drop after you've purchased an asset. Gunbot comes with great methods to deal with this.

  • Reversal trading
    Accumulate more of a coin when prices drop, without investing more. Always keep trading.
  • Double up
    Average down your assets by investing more, bringing the average price per unit down.
  • Stop-limit
    Set a stop limit for your trades. Exit a position after a set percentage of loss is reached.

100% flexibility: TradingView add-on

With the optional TradingView add-on you can use Gunbot to execute alerts from your custom strategies at on any exchange Gunbot supports.

Additionally, you can set some protections in Gunbot that might be hard to realize on TradingView. Examples: set a minimum profit per trade, a maximum investment per market or configure a stop loss.

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